Overeat on Thanksgiving?  Don’t Stress….get back on track with these FOUR simple steps!

Even with the best intentions, most of us ate a little or a LOT more than we set out to at Thanksgiving dinner. We promised ourselves not to drink more than one cocktail or eat as many desserts as we did. If you’re part of this group, you’re kicking yourself for overindulging because you still feel bloated and a tad bit guilty for all of the calories you consumed. Luckily, getting back on track after Thanksgiving eating isn’t as hard as you think.

Use these FOUR steps to get back on track right now!

1- Dump the Guilt.  It won’t help you at all. You can’t fix the past, and you only have control over this exact moment and what lies ahead of you. Don’t beat yourself up because you slipped up and ate a little more than you should’ve. Just like the song says, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!” If you are beating yourself up today, you’re just wasting good energy. Commit right at this second to no more negative self-chatter, rid yourself of the guilt, and wipe your slate clean.

2- Ditch any Extra Food. Even though we all feel wrong throwing away delicious food, our weight and health should always be our number one priority. Don’t save unhealthy, calorie-packed food that will tempt you at every opening of the refrigerator or pantry.! Give it away to a friend, neighbor, or ask if you can bring it to your workplace. Even if you end up having to dispose of the food, think of it this way, it’s going to be a much better place than if you ate it.

3-Revisit and Revise your Goals. If you overindulged, that could make your health goals seem out of reach at the moment. Don’t be afraid to revise your goals during the holiday season, and create a plan based on something you can stick to and achieve! This success will keep your goals in check and make your self-confidence soar because you can stay on track. Following a plan that isn’t reasonable for you during the holidays will only put your morale in the gutter and derail your future efforts. You don’t have to ditch your lifestyle plan entirely; modify it a bit! No one is perfect, so don’t expect that from the weight loss goals you set either. Nothing is in stone or black and white. Remember that!

4 – A Healthy Meal and a Favorite Workout.  You are only a healthy meal and a workout away from getting back on track after holiday overeating. For extra motivation, take your favorite supplements, meal replacement, or cook your favorite meal that’s a part of your weight loss or lifestyle program. Turn up the speaker and blast some awesome music while doing an at-home workout, or hit up your favorite gym. Diving right back in will do a world of good for your body, mind, and mood.

These four simple steps will help you stay on track so that you don’t put on those extra, unwelcome holiday pounds!