Jill’s Team of Success Stories

“I’m the wellness guy that always knew WHAT to do for better health and how to make smart choices…but didn’t have the gumption to do it. Wellness is about a lifestyle and supporting that lifestyle with eating choices and habits that allow the body to flourish. My weight would fluctuate up and down by about 20 pounds 3 times a year. Sadly it was mainly based on whatever beach trip I had coming up. This isn’t supportive for anyone’s well-being OR immune system. Vfinity opened up a whole new way of being that was simple and focused on wellness first. I embraced it and weight loss was a side effect that lasted! 35 pounds later and over a year of keeping it off and feeling fabulous is something that can’t be put into words. So grateful for brilliantly formulated and authentically clean products that support wellness in the truest sense of the word!”

Dr. Paul Jernigan
Colorado Springs, CO

“I was introduced to Vfinity in July 2017. I was skeptical and said thanks, but no thanks. A few months later, I took my measurements and was sick at how out of shape I’d become. I decided to start with Vfinity in November 2017 because I was stuck and nothing else was working. I was tired of not feeling my best. I have maintained my 30 pounds and 22 inches loss since April 2018. It feels amazing to be in control and to be helping my friends take back control too! It is a simple plan to follow and people implement what fits their lifestyle.”

Jill Knast LaFond
Tampa, FL

“One day I got on the scale and couldn’t believe what I saw. I decided to give Vfinity a shot and I’ve never looked back. I’m getting ready to be 50 in a few weeks and I can honestly say that I feel younger than I have in 15 years. I’ve lost 64 pounds and my husband Richard lost 40!”

Liz Mondor
Tampa, FL

“I had aches and pains for 20 years. No doctor could pin point the reason. After making a few changes to what and how I ate, and integrating the Vfinity products into my life, my pains were gone, I had more energy than before and I lost 25 pounds! I look and feel better than I have in years. I’ve never been a good dieter. This hasn’t been hard and I never felt deprived. The best part is I always tried to eat healthy and Vfinity helped me take that up a notch too!”

Lisa Dvorin
Hillsborough, NJ

“I had lost myself for a little while. I didn’t realize how far gone I’d gotten (other than the fact that I felt unhealthy, none of my clothes fit and I felt terrible in everything) until I saw a picture of myself taken at our Easter brunch last year on the left. I was mortified. I knew it was time for a personal intervention. Just in the nick of time came Jill and Vfinity! Amazing products that helped me take control of my health and body and gave me my power back to find myself again. The success wouldn’t be possible without the community of wonderful, knowledgeable cheerleaders to help me be the Robin I remember and want to continue to be! I’m so grateful! Mostly grateful for being able to share with my friends and help them along the same journey to find their best selves again!”

Robin Stoehr
Apex, NC

“I was addicted to sugar and in denial about my body fat. I prayed for a miracle to end my addiction. I started my Vfinity journey in February 2018. By the end of summer I lost over 40 lbs and went from size 14 to 6’s and 4’s. This is my lifestyle now. No going back!”

Audrey Boston
Tampa, FL

“I’ve failed and succeeded with losing weight but have never been able to maintain because I was dieting. Today I see so much hope to live my fullest life with Vfinity and Intermittent Fasting. Never have I been able to lose 45 pounds in 5 months.”

Arlene Hein
Lutz, FL

“Vfinity products have changed the game for me. No more diets! This is a healthy lifestyle. I look at food differently now and eat to live not live to eat. Proof is in the 24 pounds lost and improved bloodwork numbers. And I feel amazing. Of course when I made the decision to try the Vfinity products I called my sister Bonnie Fenner. I shared Jill and Dr. Paul’s story and said “We need to do this”. We both jumped in and our results have been amazing.”

Cheryl Murphy
Riverview, FL

“For me Vfinity has been just what I needed. I was not eating right and putting on the pounds, wearing bigger clothes and I just didn’t feel like myself. Now I love the way I look and feel, and I am down 27 pounds. Definite life changer. I am grateful my sister Cheryl Murphy shared this with me.”

Bonnie Fenner
Atlanta, GA

“Depending on one’s goals, Vfinity products have a fit for everything. I use them for my psoriasis which was horrible. I look at my before picture and remember the embarrassment and pain associated with it. I was so afraid I’d have to wear gloves at my daughter’s wedding, so my hands wouldn’t ruin her dress. I had tried every treatment known to man for the psoriasis on my hands. I’ve taken different health related products, Chinese herbs, I’ve been to two Dermatologists and been through two rounds of allergy testing. Nothing had helped. The symptoms of psoriasis are derived from an internal issue and through a conversation with Jill LaFond, I decided to give Vfinity products a try. I am happy to report that for months now the psoriasis on my hands is gone. I definitely like the V1 Smoothie twice during the day, especially after the gym. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my energy level. The list goes on and on.”

Jim Beya
Louisville, KY

“It took one year to lose 42 pounds but in between I traveled all over and got a total knee replacement. One month before and one month after, the doctor would not let me take any supplements but I was allowed to use all of the other products. I still lost 17 pounds only using the V1 Smoothie, V2 Greens and Ketoperk. Wellness and weight loss is possible using some or all of the products. Living and losing! Slow is okay with me.”

Laura Lynn Ormsby
Tampa, FL

“I am an emotional eater and lost my mom and my marriage. Vfinity has helped me lose weight in a healthy and easy way. I lost 17 pounds and still went on vacation to New York City, Cancun and March Madness. I plan on losing more.”

Melanie Bleiweis
Canonsburg, PA

“As a personal trainer and nutrition coach of thirty years, I was intrigued as I watched over several months as many friends at church lost weight and transformed their bodies into fat burning machines with the combination of both lifestyle changes through their eating habits and Vfinity products. After researching the program and the products I decided to try these products and share with my friends and clients. These products make it easier to transition from your old habits and make you feel great going through it! I think many can benefit from this program because it is extremely easy to do and maintain while living life and enjoying food also.”

Christie Denovellis Rohrabacher
Tampa, FL

“Vfinity helped me take back control after years of having excess pounds. I’m never hungry and feel terrific. Using the products and following the lifestyle basics simplifies my life!”

Janice Volkmar
Dallas, TX

“The weight los sis great but it’s the non-scale victories that are the most motivating. Wearing suits I haven’t worn in years, comfortably fitting in airline seats, and seeing how my success is inspiring others. With the Vfinity products and Jill’s cheat sheet it’s become a way of life versus a diet.”

Mike Reagan
Manahawkin, NJ