V1 Banana Power Protein Smoothie

  • 1 scoop V1 Smoothie
  • 8 oz. unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp. chia seeds
  • ½ banana peeled
  • 4 ice cubes

Why Putting Bananas in your Smoothie is Great for your Health

Bananas are the perfect creamy base to any delicious V1 SMOOTHIE!

Bananas can give you a boost of energy due to their healthy carbohydrates and potassium content, which makes them a perfect food for athletes and active people.

Eating bananas also help to restore the electrolyte balance in your body and can help to prevent dehydration.

Bananas are also a good source of B vitamins, which play a role in cell metabolism.

Bananas are a super convenient food to take with you on the go!

Bananas are a great source of potassium, a mineral that has been linked to maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. Studies show that a diet rich in foods containing potassium (such as bananas) significantly lowers the risk of stroke.

Bananas have a natural antacid effect which can protect against stomach ulcers and ulcer damage.

Bananas can provide relief for constipation and help normalize digestive function.

Bananas have been shown to play a role in the improved absorption of minerals such as calcium. Adding a banana to your fruit or green smoothie will help maximize the available nutrients.

Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, which can help play a roll in the production of antibodies to fight off disease.

Bananas have a low glycemic index. The glycemic load of a medium sized banana is only 10, which is considered to be low on the index.

Bananas are a low-calorie food with about 100 calories per medium sized banana.

Bananas contain lots of fiber, which helps you to feel full longer.


Banana Nutritional Highlights

A medium-sized banana is about 100 calories and contains approx. 20% of your daily value (DV) of vitamin B6, 18% DV Vitamin C, 13% DV of Potassium, 12% DV of Dietary Fiber, and 9% DV Manganese.

GO BANANAS with this delicious V1 Smoothie!