Ashley’s Team of Success Stories

“My name is Ashley Pitts and I am a wife and mama to 3 sweet children. I have been with Vfinity for nearly 6 years now and their products have totally changed my life. I am more confident, and no longer hide behind bigger shirts! I love shopping with my kids where as I used to truly dread it, shopping used to be devastating. When I joined I had no intention on making this a business, but the products are so good they speak for themselves and they speak for me. You become a walking billboard. I’ve also been blessed to make a comfortable income with the company, and make many sweet relationship along the way. This company and products were a God send for me. I would encourage anyone to try it!”

Ashley Pitts
Lufkin, TX

My name is Jessica. Before V3, I was tired all of the time, constantly falling asleep at work, very unhappy; and very unhealthy. I was about to be diagnosed with diabetes due to my last lab draw in Jan 2018 before starting V3 consistently in April 2018. In July 2018, my Doctor was amazed at how much lower my blood results were. In December 2018, he told me I was no longer considered borderline/at risk much less being diagnosed as a diabetc.

My A1C had gone from 8.1 to 5.4 and I had lost 97lbs! I admitted to my Doctor that all I had done was taken V3. He told me “sure take it if you think it will help you”, and to “cut back on the simple carbs & portions.”

He said, “You’ve saved your life, that’s what you have done. Congratulations you should be proud of yoursefl!”

I still wanna lose about 40 more pounds and also add on some muscle mass, but I never go a day without my V3 and Vbiotic.

I no longer fight to stay away at work after only 2-4 hours of sleep at night. I can run with my kids and play softball with them and not think I’m dying, AND…. I can shop in almost any store!”

Jessica Cockrell
Apple Springs, TX