Crafted from Passion

When we started our health and wellness journey, our goal was to make simple adjustments to our daily routines that didn’t feel overwhelming and that we also knew we could stick to long term. We saw friends doing crazy dieting programs taking daily hormonal shots, and consuming only 500 calories per day.  They would lose weight quickly but then put it back on months later.  We knew this wasn’t sustainable, and we felt frustrated for our friends who deprived themselves of food for so many months, only to see them put the weight they lost back on plus extra pounds.  

We wanted to get healthy from the inside out while preventing future health issues that we saw plaguing our parents. Creating a healthy lifestyle that was easy to implement was our collective goal. Good health is a lifelong journey, so we crafted a plan that was easy to understand, simple to incorporate into our daily lives, and that still allowed us to enjoy life without deprivation or insane dietary restrictions.

Crafted from our decision to seek out better health for ourselves and our family, Vfinity was born.  Backed by science and the most innovative formulators on the planet, we created a premium line of easy-to-use supplements that allowed us to achieve better health and wellness and give us back our body confidence. Our primary focus was that every product we created had to enhance our lives, wellness, and personal achievement. 

Vfinity is ecstatic to deliver simple solutions into your existing routine with proven and time-tested results for over a decade.

In Health and Happiness,

Alex and Deanna Eliashevsky